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The golf-car production line is used for assembling and examining golf car. The whole line is about 3120 square meters.The main equipments of the production line include: automatic chain conveyer, automatic chassis overturn rack, vehicle performance examine platform, travelling crane for suspending and installing vehicle frame and rear axle, travelling crane for suspending and installing battery, more than 80 kits for different procedure.The main equipments are controlled by computer. Subsidiary equipments include hydraulic pressure lift and examine platform for whole vehicle and speed and noise. There are 45 persons and 20 procedures in the production line. One vehicle can be put into production every 10 minutes. 50 units of golf cars can be finished every day.

5,280 m2 of Personnel Carrier Production Line consists of assembly line and paint spraying line and is used to weld frame, spray paint, assemble, debug and inspect car. The main equipments of the line include: special traveling crane for frame and gear-box, 12 units of CO2-protecting weld machine, 2 sand sending and blasting room, 5 steam-dry room, 5 spray-paint room, 4 burnishing room and more than 60 kits for different procedures. The equipment of paint spraying line is collocated according to that of car. Subsidiary equipments of the whole line consist of hydraulic lift and sewage-dispose center. The whole production line consists of 24 working procedure. 20 units of car can be finished each day.

This is the burnishing room of our passenger car!

This the spray-paint room for our passenger car. We paint our passenger car ourself.

We have more than 15 engineers working at designing new products!

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