Shuttle Bus---- New model to replace old models


Dear Customer:

We are glad to inform you that our new models, including EG6158K, EG6118KA, EG6118KB and EG6088K will be released to the market from April. Comparing to our old models, those new models have the following features:
1. Components Integration Level Improved. Comparing to old model, the total number of individual component is decreased, and our assembly efficiency will be improved greatly.
2. Aluminum will be widely used, such as top strut, seat armrest & bracket, etc., for details please refer to the attachment. Hence, the weight of the vehicle will be decreased; in the meantime, the assembly workmanship will be easier.
3. Modularization Design Concept is applied. Full series, including 4 models from 8-seat to 14-seat, share most of the components, hence, the stock of components will be limited.
4. Body parts will be painted before assembly. On our current cart, the procedure is that FRP parts are installed onto the chassis first and then the whole cart gets painted, then other parts like seats, electric parts,etc. get installed; On the new model, body parts will be painted first and then assembled up to the end. This change is to follow the assembly way of golf car. By this kind of changing, potential scratch to the body during assembly will be limited as less as possible; painting quality of the connecting area will be improved etc.. In one word, the painting quality will be improved greatly.
5. SKD packing method is much easy and efficient. Loading quantity per container will be increased; for details please refer to the attachment “Loading Quantity Per Container”. Because of that, the unit freight cost will be decreased. Moreover, because body parts are painted separately before assembly, when disassembling the body parts, the paint problem between the connecting area will be limited.
6. Many components are produced by mould which guarantees the precision and consistency, in the end, guarantees the product consistency.

To limit our products category and to improve our production efficiency, we will stop producing the following models: EG6112K, EG6152K, EG6116K and EG6156K gradually. In principle, from April, we will not accept new orders of those models. If you are negotiating with any customer with those models, please let us know in advance, so we can prepare something here in our company. And eventually, EG6083K, EG6113K and EG6153K will be stopped producing too. We will advise you the exact date in advance!

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