• Electric Vehicle with AC system
  • Electric Vehicle with AC system

Electric Vehicle with AC system

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Product Description

After several months' test, Eagle started to release AC( Alternating Current) system to market at the begining of this year. Comparing to DC system, AC system has the following advantages:
1. Higher energy conversion efficiency, so electric car with AC system has longer range than car with DC system;
2. AC motor is brushless motor, and it is maintenance free. It can reduce the maintenance cost.
We believe AC system will replace DC system eventually.
We have two AC systems as follows:
1. Curtis 1234 AC controller with 3kw AC motor;
2. Curtis 1236 AC controller with 4kw AC motor.

The other specification is the same as the car with DC system.

Lead Time︰ 4 weeks
Standards Certificate︰ CE

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